Meet William Jackson, M.Ed

Meet William Jackson, M.Ed from Jacksonville, Florida. William Jackson is a school teacher, blogger, and international speaker. He is also a part of The Asheville View community. You can often find William in the comments of Youtube or Facebook chatting it up about diversity and inclusion.



How do you serve your community?

I’m a public school teacher of 32 years in elementary and higher education. In those 32 years I have been a teacher for NASA, the Florida Department of Education, the Florida State Attorney’s Office, the local library system, worked with The Microsoft Store and participated in multiple conferences, workshops and seminars.

What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is by my brother Malcolm X: “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

What do you like most about Asheville?

The access to restaurants, community events, the growth of engagement and acceptance of diversity and inclusion.

What is your connection to Asheville?

Attending, speaking and volunteering at WordCamp Asheville and touring the city.

Check out William speaking at WordCamp Asheville 2019!

Tell us about one of your favorite moments on the show.

Some of my favorite parts of the show are your discussions about the need for quality and inclusive educational access to resources and services, that youth, teens and young adults need to be treated equitably, respectfully, and looking at each student as valuable.

Why should people join The Asheville View community?

To be engaged and active in the growing community of Asheville. There are wonderful changes coming to Asheville and everyone in the community should be involved.

The Asheville View community is making transformative changes in the thinking that is happening in the community. Inclusivity is more than just being included; it is being engaged, involved and active.