This was one of those projects where I got to work closely with Rafrica. I initially pitched the idea to Kate Pett. Raf produced the videos and I wrote the communication strategies for each video to share with partners. I also had a chance to be in one of the videos. It was an amazing opportunity. As a consultant, I helped develop our media partners and I was responsible for the visibility of the campaign. One unique characteristic of this campaign is that its reach was 100% organic.

The VOTE AVL campaign was truly diverse and organically reached more than 30K people.  

What is the Vote AVL Campaign?

The members of Thrive Asheville collaborate with local residents and leaders from diverse perspectives to understand our city’s challenges, forge new relationships, and act on the best solutions together. 

Kate had previously contracted with me to do some co-facilitating with her as a part of Thrive’s Drive team. The best thing about working with Kate is she is extremely organized and she is engaged. I was thrilled when she asked me to work with her on the VOTE AVL Initiative. 

Vote AVL is a non-partisan movement to increase voter turnout in Asheville. 

The VoteAVL campaign, “Your Ballot is Your Power,” included:

  • A video series with motivational messages and critical how-tos about registering, restoring voting rights after incarceration and participating in early voting that centers the voices of black and brown community leaders, formerly incarcerated individuals and youth.  See all of the videos here:
  • The website, which shares clear, concise information that is easily viewable on phones.
  • The Voting Power Pledge for local businesses and nonprofits, which makes voting information accessible in the workplace and ensures that employees have time off to vote. See what local business have signed the pledge:
  • Promotional article in The  Mountain Express: