WNC Community Health Services’ Michael Hoeben chats with The Asheville View’s Tina White about resources for both transgender clients and people living with HIV.

Michael Hoben

Michael Hoben

WNC Community Health Services

Website: https://www.wncchs.org/

Michael Hoben is a board of directors member at Blue Ridge Pride and the Trans/HIV Bridge & Retention Coordinator for WNC Community Health Services (WNCCHS). “WNCCHS is an LGBTQIA+ friendly organization.  Providing effective, culturally competent care is critical to serving this diverse community.  While transgender people have the same basic care needs as cisgender people, there are specific transition-related care needs that require expanded knowledge, awareness, and sensitivity.  WNCCHS has the resources and ability to cater to the needs of transgender and nonbinary individuals in an environment that is welcoming and supportive.

WNCCHS is proud to have offered high-quality, culturally competent transgender health services since 2007.  Today, over 300 gender nonconforming patients, including adults and adolescents, are enrolled in our Transgender Health Program.”