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In this episode of The Asheville View, the hosts discuss learning to be your authentic self.

Special Guest

 Stephanie Hickling Beckman

Stephanie Hickling Beckman moved to Asheville in 1997 from
Atlanta. She’s the mother of a very active 8-year-old boy, 2 cats, and a tortoise. As a refugee from corporate america, she enjoys a life full of Drama. She has been attached to theatre in one way or another for 20 years. Stephanie has acted, directed or stage managed with most of the Theatre
companies in Asheville and served on the boards of various local non-profit organizations. She is a recipient of the YWCA TWIN award, and the ACLU’s Evan Mahaney Champion of Civil Liberties Award, and believes theatre should be an act of social activism.

As a founder and Managing Artistic Director of Different Strokes Performing Arts Collective, she uses theatre to facilitate awareness, and generate important conversations. She believes wholeheartedly that she can
change the world, one play at a time. Different Strokes! recently partnered with Wortham Center for the Performing Arts, as ‘Company in Residence’. The new Season begins on September 12th.

Facebook: @diffstrokesavl

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Dear Dr. Norling,
My 13 year old son wants to transition into a girl by taking gender affirming homorones. How do I figure out if this is a phase or not? How will these hormones affect her overall health? Can she de-transition? What are the side effects?


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