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The Sweet Life in Asheville

In this episode, the hosts discuss multiculturalism in Asheville.

Special Guest

Luis Serapio

Luis Serapio is a Latin American immigrant residing in Asheville for 18 years. He writes and produces bilingual media here in Asheville. His interests are food, entertainment, music, art while trying to highlight POC contributions to AVL. He is creating an advertising platform that challenges negative stereotypes of Latinx immigrants, and at the same time, promotes multiculturalism and creates academic opportunities.

Facebook: @descubreasheville

Dear Dr. Norling,
I’d love for you to share some of your diet and exercise tips!


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  1. Avatar

    As a PE teacher it is nice to hear how a PE teacher
    was so influential in his life.
    YEAH !!! As a PE teacher this means a lot !!

    Luis Serapio
    Great to see a Latin connection in Asheville
    and the drive by a brother of color. Talking
    expertly on the influence and value of
    culture and color. Businesses thrive because
    of the acceptance of diversity and the opportunity
    to grow outside the norm.

    Growing a community means having value in
    your community. Your correct in your comment
    in the people because the people are the spirit
    and soul of the community. If you nurture the people
    and their needs you can nurture and grow the

    Great discussion about how to grow your
    markets. Jacksonville is similar, there is
    a small group of events that are culturally
    focused that draw a large crowd.
    Thanks for talking about the children and
    the truth about the media. If they did like
    Trump there would be even smaller mentions
    of references to these children in concentration

    Another wonderful episode keep up the great work!!


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