The Skin You’re In

The Skin You’re In

I’ve always received compliments on my skin! People always think I’m in my early 20’s when I’m actually on the latter side. So today, I’m going to share my skincare tips and regimen! The most important concepts in my skincare regimen are to keep it simple, consistent and from both the inside and outside!

On The Inside!

Most of us don’t drink enough water, and when we are dehydrated our biggest organ, a.k.a. our skin, is dehydrated which can cause damage, breakouts and aging! So I try to drink close to a gallon of lemon water throughout the day!

I also take Phytoceramides by Sports Research to help keep my skin hydrated and plump! We naturally have ceramides, a fat, in our skin. As we age we stop producing as much in our skin, so it’s good to replace those.

Another thing that declines as we age is our collagen production! So I supplement by drinking a Dr. Axe’s Chocolate Bone Broth shake every day!

So that’s it for the inside! Let’s move to the outside!

On the Outside!

Let’s talk showers. We all love to take nice hot steamy showers…..but stop. We all probably shower more than we wash dishes with our hands. But you know how dry and damaged your hands get from the hot water and process that couple of times a week you do dishes by hand??? Well that’s what you’re doing to your skin 1 to 2 times a day when you scrub it in scorching hot water. It damages and dehydrates your skin! I only shower when it’s necessary, 3-5 times a week for me, and only in lukewarm water.

For my skin, I like to use really gentle soaps, so my go-to is fair trade organic African black soap… and yes the kind that feels like putty and isn’t actually black! True African black soap is yellow and brown and should never come in liquid form. This soap does wonders and never leaves my skin dry. I use it as shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and everything else.

Moisturizer time!

All I use is organic extra virgin coconut oil. Everyone is always like “it’s too oily”… well let me tell you how to not get too oily. While you’re still wet in the shower, grab a handsome amount of coconut oil and rub it all in your hair and your body. Then grab your towel and dry off as normal. This gets all the excess off and leaves the perfect amount on your skin.

It’s Face Time!

So I fell in love with an every-other month delivery skincare system for men called Lumin. I chose the age management routine. I know you’re like “why do you need antiaging?” well because of exactly what is called: ANTI-aging, not age-REVERSAL. You can only slow it down. So this is to be done before bed! First, you put on the premium moisturizing balm. Then you use your wrinkle defense roller on areas you see the beginnings of wrinkles and areas where they may eventually form! Last but not least, the dark spot defense gel under the eyes. Then you get a good night’s sleep and your face will be roll-out-of-bed ready in the A.M.

Anyway, that’s my skincare regimen!

XoXo Kirbles <3

About The Author

About The Author

Kirby Winner is nursing student who has a passion for helping others and bringing LGBTQ issues to the forefront.

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