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The Power of the Arts, with Rae Geoffrey of the Wortham Center

Rae Geoffrey, the Managing Director of the Wortham Center for the Performing Arts, is passionate about the power of the arts to connect people, foster empathy and build better communities. In this interview, she talks about why we should care about art, now more than ever, and what we can do to support it.


About The Author

Tina White

Tina White is an activist, author, and public speaker. In addition to her role in The Asheville View, she is the Executive Director of the Blue Ridge Pride Center and a member of the board of directors of the Human Rights Campaign. She is learning how to be a community activist and public servant. She speaks and writes on issues of social justice, community, and personal identity. In 2015, she published Between Shadow & Sun: A Husband‘s Journey Through Gender – A Wife’s Labor of Love.

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