In this episode of The Asheville View, the hosts discuss Mimosas, North Carolina’s Loophole Law, and multiple sex partners.


Special Guest

Melissa-Anne Cunningham-Sereque, MBA (Mac)

Mac is the president/Owner of Motivation & Achievement Concepts, Inc.; a career development company specializing in Resume Writing, Job Search Training, Interview Training, and Cover Letters. The MAC office is in Spartanburg but has clients in over 20 states and 8 countries. She is often referred to as “the Harriet Tubman of crappy jobs” and is a fierce advocate for pay equity policies and legislation. Her 2018 TEDx Talk titled, “If you’re my boss, who’s running hell? Why social issues are actually good for business” is available on youtube at: Mac has an MBA in International Finance and a BS in Exercise Science & Business.

Facebook: @MotivationalAchievementConcepts

Dear Dr. Norling,
I have 2 boyfriends. I know you won’t judge me, because I love them both, and I enjoy being intimate with both of them. I want to tell my doctor, but feel like I will be judged. Why does my doctor need to know how many sex partners I have? Is there a way around this?