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The Asheville View

The Asheville View Hosts Sit Down With Johnnie Rush, The Victim of Former Police Officer Christopher Hickman.

[Asheville, NC] The 3- part web series features Johnnie J. Rush explains what happened the night he was brutally assaulted. He also gives his personal feeling on the $650,000 lawsuit he won, and what it was like to talk with Christoper Hickman after the fact. 

“It is important for everyone to hear from Johnnie Rush himself. A lot of people in our city are not happy with the way things have turned out. Plus, telling his story was cathartic for him, but it is also a social justice lesson for the entire city of Asheville,”

Aisha Adams, the executive producer explained. 

“The Asheville View” is a weekly daytime-style talk show hosted by Aisha Adams, Myriam Weber and Kirby Winner w/special correspondent Dr. Sharon Norling. In the opening segment, the hosts offer their take on “Hot Button” issues. Known for their edgy content, style and witty banter the show hosts share the grit of all things Health, Wealth, Family and Equity in Asheville. 

“We’ve all consumed so much of this story from various news sources, but never actually heard from Johnnie Rush. Johnnie’s voice is being marginalized in his own story.  Leaving out the victim’s voice is not abnormal for black and brown people. The Asheville View exists to elevate marginalized perspectives and voices while simultaneously being a resource to our Asheville audience and beyond. “

Aisha Adams, executive producer

Watch Part One here