A couple of weeks ago, I announced that I would be a co-host on The Asheville View. I have been having a great time learning from the cast and crew as we pull together this amazing treat for you all. Although we haven’t released an episode yet, each time we’ve recorded it has been an amazing experience and I’ve become more and more attached to the idea of being a part of the show. Last week I was presented with a chance to step up and become the co-executive producer of the show and I jumped at the opportunity.

Cliff Williams, the other co-producer of the show, has given me a big voice in terms of the show’s format, content creation and more. He has been amazing to work with, and I can’t wait to see the show come alive! My co-hosts and crew have been extremely supportive as well. Due to co-host changes and the new overall direction of the show, you will see a massive overhaul on social media.

This is a big, juicy dream for me! I am excited to bring my creativity to such a talented crew and staff. The Asheville View is now a weekly daytime talk show that provides diverse perspectives from an aerial view of the region.

Here is The Asheville View show description:

“The Asheville View” is hosted by Aisha Adams, Miriam Weber and Kirby Winner w/special correspondent Dr. Sharon Norling. In the opening segment, each host offers their personal take on a ”Hot Button” issue. Afterwards, Dr. Norling responds to an audience member’s question in the Ask The Doctor segment. The second half of the show, Aisha introduces various celebrity guests who join the hosts in a chat or perform immediately after. The show will feature edgy content, witty banter and entertaining guests that’ll give our audience a mountain view of the region.

Be sure to catch some of our upcoming episodes. Some of the topics include stress at work, keeping up on social media, home/work/life balance and unfair representation in media. We have Dr. Sharon Norling answering questions about health. There were will be weekly polls, online discussions, and so much more…

Want to be on the show? Please apply here: https://bit.ly/2DRPt4J

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