I have always been told that I had good skin. People who meet me today, including my students, tell me I don’t look 37.

While I appreciate the compliment, I must say most of it had been genes. I grew up not putting on sunscreen; in fact, we used to have a homemade concoction that included Argan oil and organic carrot juice in order to give you the best tan ever.


In Morocco, we have a weekly ritual trip to this bath house called the Hammam. Hammams are public bath houses, started originally by the Romans, then the Turks. It’s a big building, heated with charcoal, that included different rooms with different heat temperatures.

You basically go there every Sunday night, you slather olive soap on your body and let it soak it in. You then wash it and use a special scrubbing glove to scrub all the toxins and dead skin out. You can do it yourself or hire a bath person to scrub you down, give you a massage, and even wash your hair with different clays and essential oils.

Nowadays, these places are less popular because the spa culture replaced the traditional bath house, where everybody is together, and most people are half naked wearing only underwear. You can still get the same treatment, but in the privacy of your own bathroom, with your own shower, and your own masseuse/bath lady.

This might be the reason I’ve had “good skin” for this long, but now that I am finally self conscious about it, and having used mainly organic products that maintained it, I needed something stronger with more dramatic results 🙂

Rodan and Fields

That’s when I heard about Rodan and Fields. My good friend Casey started selling it a couple of years ago, and I was looking for something that would change my skin. With age, I started noticing more wrinkles, freckles, and blemishes. I liked that it was made by women dermatologists, and that it had different products targeting different skin problems.

It’s not cheap, and not a quick “end of the day wipe your face down” regimen, but what matters more than your face girl!?

So for me it was the “Redefine Regimen”. Basically a repair to aging, sun exposure and everyday wear and tear. They have other regimens to fit other needs, so check them out on https://www.rodanandfields.com/ or email my girl cakebenito@gmail.com for discounted prices as she is a consultant, and that’s what got me to buy these usually more expensive products.


Basically, this is how it goes: I put a cleansing scrub on, let it sit on my face for 20 seconds, scrub it, then wash it out. Then I use the toner to get whatever is left off, and finally apply AM or PM cream. I also use the eye cream, that you can wear day or night, and a lash boost if I need it.

Now, to KEEP IT REAL! Do I do this every morning and every night? Uuuum hell nah! My friend Casey knows my lifestyle and keeps it real too. She gave me tips about how to use the scrub in the shower, or in the morning when I’m out of time and still wanna get the same effects.

All I can say is, for a lazy gene lucky girl whose age is finally catching up, these products are making a difference. And for that I endorse them!

I see you!

About The Author

About The Author

Born and raised in Morocco, trilingual, teacher, mother, friend, culture lover and world travel addict.

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