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Queer Arts in Asheville: A Minority Perspective

Asheville is known, among other things, for having a thriving queer arts community. But what do we know about this community? What sets it apart? How welcoming and inclusive is it for people of color? And, finally, how is the community holding up against COVID, the rising cost of living, racism, and Republican targeting of transgender people?

To find out, Tina White sat down with two local leaders in the queer arts community, Jékksyn Orilyn Ícaro and Liz Williams. In addition to being artists in their own right, Jékksyn and Liz manage arts programs for Tranzmission and for the Campaign for Southern Equality respectively. They opened up about their own experiences and their own motivations for creating art.

Campaign for Southern Equality Studios:… ·…
Elizabeth Williams :…
Jékksyn Orilyn Ícaro:… ·…
Tranzmission: ·


About The Author

Tina White

Tina White is an activist, author, and public speaker. In addition to her role in The Asheville View, she is the Executive Director of the Blue Ridge Pride Center and a member of the board of directors of the Human Rights Campaign. She is learning how to be a community activist and public servant. She speaks and writes on issues of social justice, community, and personal identity. In 2015, she published Between Shadow & Sun: A Husband‘s Journey Through Gender – A Wife’s Labor of Love.

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