Johnnie Rush Tells His Story

August 2017, Johnnie Rush was on his way home to his family after a long day at work when he was stopped for suspicion of jaywalking. What should have been a simple end to his night resulted in Johnnie getting beaten, strangled, and tased by former officer Christopher Hickman. Hickman plead guilty and was convicted of “felony assault by strangulation, misdemeanor assault by strangulation, and misdemeanor communicating threats.” (Buncombe County DA Tweet) See the police bodycam footage below.

During our August 18th live show, the hosts of The Asheville View were able to get an exclusive interview with Johnnie Rush. This is the first time he has shared his story. We’re sharing it with you in this 3-part special.

Johnnie Rush Interview: Part 1

Johnnie Rush Interview: Part 2

Johnnie Rush Interview: Part 3

Police Bodycam Footage

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Johnnie Rush After His Brutal Encounter with the former officer

Buncombe County DA Tweet

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