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Grindfest 2023 is coming!

Aisha Adams chat’s with Asheville’s own J Hackett about Grindfest 2023, a three-day carnival-themed event packed with excitement, education, and entertainment. The event will take place from May 26-28, 2023, in Asheville, NC, and is designed to promote and support Black-owned businesses, entrepreneurship, and economic empowerment.

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About The Author


Aisha Adams is a social media influencer with a heart for community economic development. Through her personal platform Nappy Thoughts (, Aisha has been a resource to individuals and families healing themselves from mental, emotional, and physical trauma. Her written work has appeared in publications like The Asheville Citizen-Times, The Asheville Grit, and The Final Call. Aisha has a BA in English with a concentration in creative writing. She has a Masters in Post-Secondary and Adult Education. Aisha is also the founder of Aisha Adams Media Group (, a firm that specializes in assisting small businesses with remaining relevant within their communities as they increase their revenue through marketing. Currently, Aisha is working on Equity Over Everything a project to advance equity by closing the gaps in homeownership and business in under resources communities.

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