Drag shows have become a vibrant and inclusive form of entertainment, celebrating creativity, self-expression, and the LGBTQ+ community. Attending a drag show can be a thrilling experience, and Asheville’s scene has significantly grown. but it’s important to be aware of the etiquette that accompanies these events, especially since they are being held in non traditional venues. By understanding and respecting the norms and values of the drag community, we can ensure an enjoyable and respectful atmosphere for everyone. Let’s explore some essential guidelines for attending a drag show.

1. Embrace Inclusivity

Drag shows are a celebration of diversity, so it’s crucial to approach these events with an open mind and a welcoming attitude. Respect and appreciate the performers, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, or race. It’s essential to remember that drag is an art form, and performers may have their own unique styles and personas.

2. Consent and Boundaries

Respecting personal boundaries is of utmost importance. Consent is crucial, both on and off the stage. Do not touch performers without their explicit consent, as this invasion of personal space can be disrespectful and offensive. Remember, performers are there to entertain and express themselves, not to be objectified.

3. Applaud and Show Support

Drag performers feed off the energy of the audience, and applause is an essential part of the experience. Show your appreciation for their talent and hard work by applauding, cheering, and engaging with the performance. Remember to be respectful and supportive, regardless of whether a performer aligns with your personal preferences or expectations.

4. Tips and Financial Support:

Many drag shows incorporate tipping as a means of supporting the performers. It is customary to tip the performers during their performances. Typically, the performers will provide opportunities for the audience to tip throughout the show, so have some cash on hand if you plan to participate. Remember, tipping is a form of appreciation and recognition for the performers’ efforts. If you don’t have cash on hand you can approach a drag queen for their Cashapp, Venmo etc. to show your support!

5. Mind Your Language

Respecting appropriate language and pronouns is essential at drag shows. It is courteous to use the pronouns and names that performers prefer, both on and off the stage. If you are unsure, it’s better to ask politely or listen to how they introduce themselves.

6. Photography and Social Media

Before capturing a moment during a drag show, always check the venue’s rules and guidelines regarding photography and recording. Some venues may have restrictions due to privacy concerns or the performers’ preferences. If you are allowed to take pictures or record videos, be considerate of others’ experiences and avoid blocking their view or becoming a distraction.

7. Respect the Dress Code

Drag shows often encourage attendees to express their own unique styles. However, it’s advisable to dress comfortably and avoid appropriating or mocking any culture, gender, or sexuality. Remember that the focus of the event is on the performers, so avoid overshadowing them with elaborate costumes or attire that could distract from the show.

Attending a drag show is a fantastic way to celebrate diversity, witness incredible performances, and support the LGBTQ+ community. By adhering to these guidelines for drag show etiquette, we can create a respectful and inclusive environment for all attendees and performers. Let us embrace the beauty of self-expression, applaud the talents on display, and foster an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and celebration at every drag show we attend.

Drag queens, kings, and all in betweens, We See You!
Xoxo Kirbles