About the Show

The Asheville View” is a daytime-style talk web series hosted by Aisha Adams, Kirby Winner, Myriam Weber, Tina White, and Kahlani Jackson. The show serves as a morning cup of coffee for equity advocates across the South.

Known for their edgy content, style, and witty banter, the show hosts share the grit of all things diversity, equity, and inclusion in true Asheville Style. The Asheville View is produced by Aisha Adams Media.

Show Credits

Aisha Adams – Executive Producer/Host
Kahlani Jackson – Associate Producer/Host
Tina White – Host
Myriam Weber – Host
Kirby WInner – Host
Erica Lewis – Graphic design
Rafrica Adams – Videographer/editor
Doriyan Johnson – Social Media Manager

What guides and defines us?


The Asheville View elevates marginalized perspectives and voices while simultaneously being a resource to equity advocates across the south.


We envision a world where individuals feel inspired to be better human beings. 


We value doing the right things for humanity and the planet.

We value being honest and transparent.

We value delivering high quality content on all our platforms.