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Meet The AV hosts: Kirby, Myriam, Aisha, and Dr. Norling.
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Exclusive interview with Johnnie Rush. Here his story direct from the source in this 3-part special!

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Dr. Norling talks about how to maintain a healthy penis and clears up some penis myths!


I, like so many others, have been touched by people I know and love that have been addicts and incarcerated.

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Pride & True: Tina White Interview

Meet Tina White In this episode, the hosts discuss Blue Ridge Pride Center's Blue Ridge Pride Festival w/Tina White. The conversation elevates as Tina discusses being married 15 years and going through her gender transition.   Pride & True: Part 1 Pride &...

Pride & True: Part 2

We interview Tina White, executive director of the Blue Rige Pridde Center. She discusses transitioning while keeping her marriage and family together. View part 1

Pride & True: Part 1

We interview Tina White, executive director of the Blue Ridge Pride Center. View part 2 where she talks about transitioning while keeping her marriage and family together.

Johnnie Rush Interview: 3 Part Special

Johnnie Rush Tells His Story August 2017, Johnnie Rush was on his way home to his family after a long day at work when he was stopped for suspicion of jaywalking. What should have been a simple end to his night resulted in Johnnie getting beaten, strangled, and tased...


Wanderlusting Mama

There’s no better time than summertime! Sunshine, flip flops, pools, sandy beaches, beach curls and cocktails! What’s not to love? Tulum, MexicoOne of the perks of being a teacher is that I get to be off for two months. Leeloo and I usually take this time to be...

Why We All Should Celebrate Pride

  The Asheville View decided we would all celebrate Pride. Some of us spoke at the story slam, we marched in the procession, and even sold our merch at Blue Rigde Pride. Here is why I think we all should celebrate Pride. The History Of Christmas Pride and...

“I Don’t See Color” Please Stop, We All Do!

“I Don’t See Color”: Please Stop, We All Do! Political correctness is a huge deal right now, especially in this country. White people have had so many things to compensate for due to the ugly history. I am not being hateful, I am being real. Think about it; we call...

We See You: William Jackson, M.Ed

Meet William Jackson, M.EdMeet William Jackson, M.Ed from Jacksonville, Florida. William Jackson is a school teacher, blogger, and international speaker. He is also a part of The Asheville View community. You can often find William in the comments of Youtube or...

What’s Your Pain Level? Medical Errors

The next time you check into a hospital, don't be surprised to hear the same questions time and time again. What is your name? What is your pain level?  It can really be annoying, but it can save your life. Every health care professional must always have you identify...

Pride Story Slam: Blurred Lines Birmingham

Reading Blurred Lines at Blue Ridge Pride I was honored to be given the chance to share one of my essays during The Pride Story Slam as an ally. One of my goals as the owner, writer and producer of The Asheville View is to really see and share the people and the...

Film & The Freedom Struggle

I love Spike Lee and all of his movies. I remember being so inspired that after seeing his movie “Malcolm X”, I bought the autobiography and shortly after decided to go natural. I started growing out my perm with braids and planned to sport a fro my first year in...

We See You!

”The Asheville View” is a weekly daytime-style talk show hosted by Aisha Adams, Myriam Weber and Kirby Winner w/special correspondent Dr. Sharon Norling. In the opening segment, the hosts offer their personal take on ”Hot Button” issues. Afterward, Dr. Norling responds to health questions in the Ask The Doctor segment. The second half of the show, the hosts interview various celebrity guests. Known for their edgy content, style and witty banter the show hosts share the grit of all things about Health, Wealth, Family and Equity in Asheville.